Warframe Online Platinum Generator
Warframe Online Platinum Generator

Note: Only choose predefined values(370, 1000, 2100)
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IMPORTANT: Due to some server failures in some countries the online version may not work accordingly for some of you. However we have updated the .exe version which can also be used to generate free unlimited warframe platinum:

Warframe Platinum Generator Download Version Link


The Online Warframe Platinum Generator is the most optimum tool created by us for delivering free platinum. After a long period of waiting we are happy to finally be able to release to the public this great warframe generator. As you already noticed, you are not required to type in anything but your warframe username and the amount of platinum you want into your account. Although the downloadable version was still doing the job, we took the decision to withdraw it from the website. The warframe.com is getting better and better at detecting the programs used from the private PC's. With the online generator there is no risk involved as the main program is using a number of servers created particularly for the online platinum generator and other tools doing similar type of things. We are better off with the online version instead of constantly updating the .exe version. We already received only positive feedback from our testers since the program has been exposed to the public.

Moreover, the online version is far more safer to use than the .exe version. The online version is easier to update in case this is required. Without downloading any software to your PC there is no risk for you account getting banned. Your IP is completely hidden, there is no need to use a proxy. However, you can only generate one of the predefined amounts of platinum at once, but overall you can generate unlimited platinum. The maximum free platinum you can add every 24 hours with our platinum generator reaches a total of 3545. Even though this may not be a satisfactory amount for a hack made by a hacking team, this is the only way to stay safe and to keep our servers working in proper condition. It is basically impossible for a tool to deliver free unlimited platinum at once as this will almost instantly get the program detected and moreover taken down by the warframe.com security. Feel free to use the generator without any concerns as we guarantee 100% safety and efficiency in delivering the free platinum.

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